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If you need help to grow your business , or if you are an eligible Small Medium Enterprise in Singapore wishing to tap into Enterprise Singapore (ESG)‘s grants like Enterprise Development Grant (EDG, formerly CDG) , we are more than happy to help!

Call us at +65-88-567-348 over for a no-obligation chat or arrange for us to discuss at your office or over coffee!

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Venture Capital Business Advisory was established with the primary objective of helping matured Singapore Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) overcome their challenges for exponential growth. Our secondary objective is to serve institution investors, so as to breach the gap between good businesses seeking funds or expertise to further their growth, and for funds seeking good companies to invest. We are incorporated in Singapore on 8 August 2012.

We grow only because you grow! Our up-front fees are deliberately made affordable for SMEs to seek professional help. And because we standby what we preach & guaranteed it, we take our balance fees on projects when you see returns in performance or succeed.

In addition, most of our projects for Singapore SMEs are eligible for Singapore government subsidies up to 70% like CDGs, MRAs, GCPs,  Work-Pro or soon to be implemented, EDGs giving you even more reasons to work with us.

All projects seeking Enterprise SG’s subsidies or grants are to be carried out by Enterprise SG’s recognized and Certified Management Consultant as of 1 Jan 2017.  Our Principal Consultant, is 1 of only 10 ranked EXPERT Singapore Certified Management Consultant by TUV SuD (end Jan 2017) & re-certified as 1 of less than 30 EXPERT Singapore Certified Management Consultant by TUV SuD in Jan 2020.

You can thus be assured that your project is in safe, credible hands & we don’t charge more than others because of this. Drop us a note at info@vcBizAdvice.com or call us at +65 88-567-348 for a no obligation chat over the phone or at your office!



Helping SMEs Grow

Has your business plateaued after years of success? Can’t seem to find or retain capable staff ? Or are you constantly caught up with running the business yourself, despite having a team of staff?

Whether you are a $1 million or $10 million or more company, we help you overcome these & other limitations, and develop in-house capabilities – with Enterprise Singapore’s Grants & Schemes including Enterprise Development Grant (EDG), Market Readiness Assisstance (MRA), Global Company Partnership (GCP) or Work-pro.

Our Satisfied SMEs clients that had engaged us using Enterprise SG’s grants/subsidies comes from a broad spectrum  including  Agency Representatives / Distributors for Asia, Commercial & Industrial Constructions, General Trading, Industrial Automation System manufacturer,  >30+years iconic lifestyle entertainment business, etc.

To weed out dubious claims or sub-par projects, Enterprise SG (ESG) require all projects seeking subsidies or grants to be carried out by ESG’s recognized Management Consultant as of 1 Jan 2017.

For ESG’s Enterprise Development Grant (EDG, formerly CDG) program , eligible Singapore SMEs (less than $100 million turnover) can have up to 70% of their project fees subsidized in these areas.

I. Core Capabilities : Prepare for growth & transformation, strengthen biz foundations.

II. Productivity : Productivity : Explore new areas of growth, enhance efficiency.

III. Market Access : Support Singapore companies willing & ready to venture overseas.

We are your one-stop business advisory partner and able to handle the above EDG areas in-house, which covers most of what SMEs need for exponential growth. We welcome partners who are practitioners & domain experts in any of the above domains, also certified or waiting to be certified for coffee to explore opportunities.

Drop us a note at info@vcBizAdvice.com or call us at +65 88-567-348 for a no obligation chat over the phone or at your office!

Buy or Selling Business?

BUYING BUSINESSES – Looking to diversify your offerings by buying someone’s business? Or thinking of forming alliances with players in your trade?  Regardless whether you have preliminary informal or formal Merger & Acquisition plans, chat over coffee with us so that we can hear your needs and for you to learn of various possibilities.

We have matured businesses looking to exit or partner-up, as well as exciting innovative start-ups already with some traction looking to partner up with matured SMEs. Our Principal Consultant is also a Mentor with ACE (Action Community for Entrepreneurship), active in the start-up scene and had mentored award-winning start-up that was featured full-page  in The Straits Times (Aug 2016).

Some current businesses on hand includes niche construction services, clean energy, innovative business platforms, and solutions for the Silver economy. Contact us for the latest businesses or discuss on possibilities.

EXITING – Thinking of selling off your business due to succession issues, business fatigue, or other factors?  Is your company already listed and what was once a pride but is now a drag? Fed up with hassle & compliance costs  which is hampering you while you deal with challenging times & cost cutting? Call us for a confidential chat to learn about various possible options or solutions and be pleasantly surprised.

Drop us a note at info@vcBizAdvice.com or call us at +65 88-567-348 for a chat !

Pre-Preparation for IPO

Have you wondered where & how to raise funds effectively? Or scratching your head about your company’s valuation or questioned what “investors” are offering you?

We help SMEs answer these questions and level-up before companies approach any investors or raise funds, or proceed with any informal & formal M&A. Maximize your company value by first talking to us.

We offer the following :

Capital Market Advisory & Financial Management Advisory (Eligible for CDG subsidies)

Help raise funds /capital – whether for business expansion, strategic or short term needs, with alternative options other than the banks. We can also help you improve your Top & Bottom line to increase your valuation.

Build a bankable Biz model

We can build this based on your current business. We guide and show you what sort of business models investors like to invest on, and what are the qualifying criteria and how to meet these.  This is our Principal Consultant’s core specialty & eligible for Capability Development Grant (CDG) under Business Model Transformation (previously, Business Strategy Innovation) with up to 70% fee funded by SPRING.

Interim CMO/CFO/COO/CEO Services

Most companies can’t expand due to lack of quality expertise, or fear of incurring high overheads for hiring wrongly quality candidates, wasting limited funds, resources and time.

One of the key criteria knowledgeable investors look for is the quality of your team. We can help mentor or even fill this void on an interim basis to guide and walk your business through the fund raising, M&A, in part or if desired, the whole IPO journey. We are far more flexible on such collaborative efforts or projects unlike bigger & structured management consultancy firms.

Do give us a call & chat over coffee as your 1st step before any formal IPO preparation. Working with us to understand “IPO”, crafting a good “investor pitch”, how to increase your valuation etc. before you try to raise funds or approach any investors will make your journey less painful, faster & definitely enhance your bargaining power with institutional investors or financial institution.

For subsequent coffee sessions, ask us about how a 20+yr old Singapore SME struggling in an industry facing downturns, engaged our Principal Consultant under SPRING grants to help tidied up the company in end 2015, and ready itself to be public-listed in Q3, 2017 all within 18 months!

Drop us a note at info@vcBizAdvice.com or call us at +65 88-567-348 for a no obligation chat over the phone or at your office!