Venture Capital Business Advisory was established with the primary objective of helping matured Singapore Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) overcome their challenges for exponential growth. Our secondary objective is to serve institution investors, so as to breach the gap between good businesses seeking funds or expertise to further their growth, and for funds seeking good companies to invest. We are incorporated in Singapore on 8 August 2012.

We grow only because you grow! Our up-front fees are deliberately made affordable for SMEs to seek professional help. And because we standby what we preach & guaranteed it, we take our balance fees on projects when you see returns in performance or succeed.

In addition, most of our projects for Singapore SMEs are eligible for Singapore government subsidies up to 70% like CDGs, MRAs, GCPs,  Work-Pro or soon to be implemented, EDGs giving you even more reasons to work with us.

All projects seeking Enterprise SG’s subsidies or grants are to be carried out by Enterprise SG’s recognized and Certified Management Consultant as of 1 Jan 2017.  Our Principal Consultant, is 1 of only 10 ranked EXPERT Singapore Certified Management Consultant by TUV SuD (end Jan 2017) & re-certified as 1 of less than 30 EXPERT Singapore Certified Management Consultant by TUV SuD in Jan 2020.

You can thus be assured that your project is in safe, credible hands & we don’t charge more than others because of this. Drop us a note at info@vcBizAdvice.com or call us at +65 88-567-348 for a no obligation chat over the phone or at your office!