Helping SMEs Grow

Has your business plateaued after years of success? Can’t seem to find or retain capable staff ? Or are you constantly caught up with running the business yourself, despite having a team of staff?

Whether you are a $1 million or $10 million or more company, we help you overcome these & other limitations, and develop in-house capabilities – with Enterprise Singapore’s Grants & Schemes including Capability Development Grant (CDG), Market Readiness Assisstance (MRA), Global Company Partnership (GCP) or Work-pro, or soon to be implemented, Enterprise Development Grant (EDG).

Our Satisfied SMEs clients that had engaged us using Enterprise SG’s grants/subsidies comes from a broad spectrum  including  Agency Representatives / Distributors for Asia, Commercial & Industrial Constructions, General Trading, Industrial Automation System manufacturer,  >30+years iconic lifestyle entertainment business, etc.

To weed out dubious claims or sub-par projects, Enterprise SG (ESG) require all projects seeking subsidies or grants to be carried out by ESG’s recognized Management Consultant as of 1 Jan 2017.

For ESG’s Enterprise Development Grant (EDG, formerly CDG) program , eligible Singapore SMEs (less than $100 million turnover) can have up to 70% of their project fees subsidized in 10 areas.

We are your one-stop business advisory partner and able to handle 8 out of 10 of the above EDG areas in-house, which covers most of what SMEs need for exponential growth. We work with EDG’s certified Patent Attorneys for Intellectual Property and certified EDG consultant for Standards Adoption (ISO/QSM) for projects involving these areas. We welcome partners who are practitioners & domain experts in any of the above 10 domains, certified or waiting to be certified for coffee to explore.

Drop us a note at or call us at +65 6348-8636 for a no obligation chat over the phone or at your office!