Buy or Selling Business?

BUYING BUSINESSES – Looking to diversify your offerings by buying someone’s business? Or thinking of forming alliances with players in your trade?  Regardless whether you have preliminary informal or formal Merger & Acquisition plans, chat over coffee with us so that we can hear your needs and for you to learn of various possibilities.

We have matured businesses looking to exit or partner-up, as well as exciting innovative start-ups already with some traction looking to partner up with matured SMEs. Our Principal Consultant is also a Mentor with ACE (Action Community for Entrepreneurship), active in the start-up scene and had mentored award-winning start-up that was featured full-page  in The Straits Times (Aug 2016).

Some current businesses on hand includes niche construction services, clean energy, innovative business platforms, and solutions for the Silver economy. Contact us for the latest businesses or discuss on possibilities.

EXITING – Thinking of selling off your business due to succession issues, business fatigue, or other factors?  Is your company already listed and what was once a pride but is now a drag? Fed up with hassle & compliance costs  which is hampering you while you deal with challenging times & cost cutting? Call us for a confidential chat to learn about various possible options or solutions and be pleasantly surprised.

Drop us a note at or call us at +65 88-567-348 for a chat !