Calling all Aspiring or Uncertified Management Consultants!

TUV SuD will be holding a seminar for Aspiring & uncertified Management Consultants regarding certifications this Friday, 15 Sep 2017.

By getting certified by TUV SuD, it will be recognised by Spring Singapore and Management Consultants will be able to work on projects involving Spring’s Capability Development Grants.

Venture Capital Business Advisory’s Principal Consultant has been specially invited to also speak on this. Reserve your seats by following the attached Program or contacting  TUV SuD .

TUV Certification Seminar

Invitation to speak at TUV SUD PSB SCMC Seminar


Is Singapore & Singaporen companies being overtaken by bigger boys out there?

We used to be more nimble, react faster and caught trends and found niches for ourselves.

As a country, we were able to implement changes faster than others… and a key reason bigger cities or countries cited for our success was that doing so in Singapore is easier as we are geographically smaller.

Singapore introduced NETS in the 80s and have not progressed very far for cashless payments.  Now a big country like China is able to do that in just a few years, thanks to Ali Pay & Tencent.

Upon returning from a China trip recently, I commented to my wife on their rapid progress. We 1st noticed these QR codes at some shops, when we were travelling in Changsha, Hunan in 2012.

Are these indicators of us losing our edge or not as hungry as others? In terms of business, are you still sitting in comfort, continue be complacent or should you start looking ahead, and think of what to do next for your business model, before being rendered irrelevant by the market?

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Disruptor without ability to sustain, or have they already been entreched & here to stay?

Many see Uber (and Grab in SE Asia) as a successful disruptor of traditional businesses, but many are critical of Uber & Grab’s faults, their negative cash flows and surviving purely on “venture” funds.

Regardless, if you analyse their business and how they entreched themselves into riding customers, rental drivers or investors, they do have something that all businesses should learn to acheive.

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What can a relatively young ex-employee & poly graduate accomplish in the new millennium?

A lot ! Including paying S$ 750,000 in hard cash for a new Maserati GT & Mercedes E250 to reward herself!

This lady, Joyce Lee is not into some scam or unorthodox biz but the founder of Encore Film. Her story is featured in The Straits Times’s Life page on 7 Aug 17.  Her accomplishment is a result of her attitude & attributes, and able to capitalise on opportunities (often ranked in that order).

Business or sports teams succeed because of capable people with such drive & attitude, wont you agree?

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